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Boulder Creek table fountain creates the effect of a babbling brook.
The peaceful and soothing sounds are created by water meandering down the grey slate stone into a pile of river stones at the base of this beautiful fountain.
Some of the tranquil sounds that you will hear from this fountain are a babbling brook or the gentle ˇ°plinksˇ± of raindrops.
Made by AHS Fixtures you are guaranteed a high quality fountain. Included are the river stones along with LED bulbs only one is needed to operate this fountain.

Also available in natural pebble stone surface:

Pebble Stone Finishing Selections AHS Fixtures Malaysia

Tabletop Fountain DimensionArtistic Tabletop Fountain with LED Warm LightArtistic Tabletop Fountain with Imprint Slate Finishing on Textured Glass
Ganesh Tabletop FountainGanesh Tabletop Fountain With LED Warm LightGanesh Tabletop Fountain decorate with river stones
Buddha Tabletop FountainBuddha Tabletop Fountain decorate with river stonesBuddha Tabletop Fountain with LED Warm Light
Buddha Face Tabletop FountainBuddha Face Tabletop Fountain  imprinted on textured glassBuddha Face decorate with river stones
Stone Craft Buddha FountainStone Craft Buddha Fountain Close UpStone Craft Buddha Fountain Details
Stone Craft Buddha Face Fountain
Stone Craft Buddha Face Fountain DimensionStone Craft Buddha Face Fountain Details


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