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Indoor Waterfall WFG-610
WFG-610 Stainless Steel Gardenfall With Textured Glass Floor Fountain

Trouble shooting:
1.if your fountain does not work, check plug at socket. Make sure the plug is fully and properly inserted into the wall outlet.
2.Next check to make sure the outlet is powered.
3.If the fountain still does not work. Place contact your distributor or place of purchase.

Splashing disclaimer:
-splashing may occur when fountain in initially turned on. Protect surrounding surface as needed.

Important pump information:
-pump must be fully submersed in water while operating.
-this unit must be connected to a supply circuit that is protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

-to reduce mineral deposits and bacteria build up the use of distilled water is recommended.
-once a week inspect fountain, floor and adjacent wall for moisture build up and clean as necessary. This is especially important for humid environments.



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